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About us

Brave Little you is a Swedish children textile brand that was founded in 2021. We start from all brave children and their world!

Our journey began in 2020

The brand was founded by the mother of two, Li wall, who after several years in the retail business decided to invest in her vision to make sustainable clothes and textiles that children love!

– I don’t want children to be dressed like small adults or on the contrary their rooms to be over- childish, but leave more to the children’s own fantasies. I want them to be themselves, children without so many labels says Li Wall.

Design for children in mind

Brave Little You makes children clothes with simple patterns that neither make children more childish than they are or dress them up as small adults. Clothes that the children themselves can wear and fill with their personalities.

We’re just getting started

A Brave little You product is not just fun to wear, play in it must also be of high quality and produced in a way which is gentle to the environment – and on all the amazing people who works with the products. This can mean that the prints become nice rock’n’roll faded after a while. So far, no child has complained!

Read more about our sustainability policy here.

I love using my t-shirt as a super-hero cape. With it on I feel I can do anything! The cool this is, even when I'm not wearing it, the super-power is still in me!
Lilly Bergh
Stockholm, SWE
One time I took a bath with my t-shirt on, it got so wet and it felt really mischievous. But it was just to dry and ready to use when it was dry!
Matteo Hård af Segerstad
Stockholm, SWE