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Be Brave, Be You!

Being brave can mean a lot of things. Feeling your own emotions. Getting angry. Trying something new. Dare to have a sleep over at a friend’s house. Try a new dish. Standing up for yourself and others. Make your voice heard when something you hear or see feels wrong. Ask the lonely friend at the school yard if they want to join you. BUT. It can also be about letting go of the pool edge and taking that first swim stroke. Petting an animal and for the really young taking that first hobbling steps. Although the most important thing is to listen inwards. Say yes. Say no. We want to be the reminder to the little ones – Be brave, Be you.

Our incredible brave ambassadors


Future policeman
"Being brave is like you can do something that you are scared of, like emaging I'm off a mountain and I'm scared but I can do it so I just can jump off but I will not be that scared. I think bravery is like that!"


"To be brave is to tell someone not to kick and fight"


1st woman on the moon
"I feel brave when I wake up at night and need to pee and feel a bit scared but I do it anyway"


President of the universe
"Brave means to be you and stand up for yourself"

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Brave Little You

Brave Little You is the line of clothes you can count on to be as playful and brave as your little one. Each piece is designed for the wear and tear that comes with being a kid.

Brave is to do things that you do not really dare to do. For example, if you are going to sneak past a lion. Then, you just close your eyes and run really fast!

Corinne - 4 years old
I really love being human and running around. However, some days I’m a fairy. Those days are my favorite, I can fly wherever I want!
Iris Engzell